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SoKat wins Pilot IRS Solution Challenge Seven for Augmented Reality technology

November 2021, Woodstock, Maryland – SoKat was awarded a Phase 1 contract as a result of our innovative pitch to the IRS as part of their Pilot IRS program, which is a new procurement vehicle to source the most cutting-edge technologies from companies across the nation.  Solution Challenge Seven of the Pilot IRS program sought a technology solution leveraging Augmented Reality in order to improve the tax payer experience during the course of accessing information and interacting with the IRS website. The critical element in our winning technology pitch was both our creative use of augmented reality and our prioritization of human user design principles. “Technology must be developed with the human-user experience as the central focus, because there’s little value in a piece of technology that no one wants to use," shared SoKat CEO, Susan An. Therefore, for this Pilot IRS challenge, SoKat knew there was only one place to start in designing a successful technology solution for the American taxpayer: Empathy.


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