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AI-Based 3D AR Chatbot


SoKat’s patent-pending Artificial Intelligence-powered GPT-based Chatbot can be easily customized for highly scalable use in healthcare, education, training or to dramatically improve the customer experience when interfacing with government agencies, healthcare systems, or commercial entities. Our chatbot is powered by Artificial Intelligence, but also has the capability to immerse the learner-user in a 3D, Augmented-Reality environment, for an optimal learning experiences. The AI and ML feature allows our chatbot to create and sustain a personalized pedagogical experience for each learner-user, and is endlessly scalable and readily accessible for enterprise cloud applications.


Popularly used chatbots lack immersive, conversational dialogues. Often the responses generated from them are succinct and often rule-based. Furthermore, they are trained for a specific problem and are usually hard to customize based on the context. The one-size-fits-all approach makes it difficult to scale it to encompass a large audience with different backgrounds and understanding levels. Having a chatbot that responds in the same manner to a middle-grade student and a working professional with a graduate degree seems unintuitive.


Our team created an AR-based AI chatbot that is immersive, intelligent and adapts to the user based on their needs and backgrounds. Our solution fosters learning and communication through engaging conversations. For training solutions, users can learn by asking questions. The 3D chatbots are rendered as Augmented Reality (AR) characters, making them more life-like than traditional audio-based chatbots. At the core, we use cutting-edge NLP models to generate response text.

Lessons Learned

User engagement requires immense thought – human-centered design (HCD) is key to the adoption of any emerging technology. Additionally, even the most cutting-edge NLP models today require tweaking to work well in a real-life situation. We believe there is still time for AI-singularity.

AI-Based 3-D AR Chatbot.png
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