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Natural Language Processing


SoKat uses the most cutting-edge Natural Language Processing algorithms to ingest all varieties of data and pre-train the models for maximum scalability.


Project: GSA AI – Machine Learning Competition – EULA Challenge

The GSA sought a solution to address the the problem of the lengthy amount of time being spent on reviewing EULAs, which was an average of  7-14 days,  since the EULA terms had to be manually reviewed and processed. SoKat, in response, built an AI solution, which ultimately was awarded 3rd place in the competition. Our AI solution was a web-based, scalable tool for federal government employees that automated their review of EULAs and dramatically reduced EULA processing time. A few notable features of our solution comprise of:

  • Leveraging AI algorithms to label unacceptable terms

  • Text classification model developed using Machine Learning, APIs and front-web application

  • Complete development and testing undertaken in AWS

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