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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence may be the newest buzzphrase, but it’s one thing to claim you are an AI company, and another matter entirely when a team has deep experience in both providing AI/ML education and successfully building and deploying award-winning AI  technologies in the federal government space. What sets SoKat apart is that our entire team of AI engineers have either Master’s level to PhDs, and our executive team is faculty at Johns Hopkins University, teaching AI and Big Data to graduate students and career executives, as well as institutions like the World Bank.

Our exceptional team helped generate cost savings, reduce errors, increase productivity, and produce new insights and solutions for our clients using the most advanced AI tools, such as:

  •  Machine Learning and Deep Learning

    • Supervised modeling (prediction and forecasting)

    • Unsupervised modeling (segmentation)

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Image, Object and Text Recognition

  • Extract Load and Transform

  • Data Visualization and Data Management

  • Customized data processing protocols

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