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Who We Are

SoKat was founded by Dr. Jim Kyung-Soo Liew in 2017 as a way to bridge the cutting-edge AI research that was being preformed in the hermetic silo of academia with the AI revolution that was taking place in industry. Since then, SoKat has evolved into one of the most innovative AI tech companies, providing full-stack software solutions for the federal government and private companies.


SoKat’s competitive niche is that our small business is leveraging the value of applying the brightest minds in academia to develop and apply AI solutions to real-world problems. Our executive and advisory team are faculty at Johns Hopkins University and our talented AI engineers are Johns Hopkins University graduates, all from the world of Astronomy, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Finance, Law, and Statistics. With this rich pipeline of creativity, rigor, and talent, SoKat has and continues to exceed client expectations in creating AI tools to enhance and improve human lives.

The 3 pillars of SoKat culture are:​

  1. A robust culture of free-flow exchange of ideas and constant feedback

  2. Highest level of commitment and service to our clients

  3. No pride, ego, or fear of mistakes: focus on curiosity, learning, growing, and innovating

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