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Cloud and Infrastructure

Cloud computing is the practice of using a batch of remote servers, physical or virtual, to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server (on-premise) or a personal computer. The advantage of cloud computing is its ability to rapidly scale in or out within minutes, which is often referred to as “elasticity”; development and deployment is attained, therefore, at minimum cost. The whole software application development process is also shaped to fit the requirements of cloud development. All these beneficial features of cloud computing have compelled increasingly more agencies to migrate their on-premise services to cloud.

SoKat has developed and deployed cloud-ready enterprise-grade applications and adhered to all best practices in both software development and Agile project management. For example, in building and putting Recipient Insight, an automated decision engine, into production in the federal government, we used a fully cloud-native (IaaS) model. In another example, in developing an optical character recognition model to read electronic health records for a private client, we used IaaS and SaaS models.

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