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This is your journey.
Let us be your guide. 

Yes, our AI technology is cutting-edge and our team's talent is world-class - but more 

importantly, do our solutions empower you on your journey to reach your goals?

Our priority from design to deployment is 100% engagement with our clients; we are merely a guide to on your journey to create impactful and meaningful solutions to the problems facing your agency or company.

In other words, some timeless truths remain, even with AI: human connection and empathy is everything.

Department of Veterans Affairs


"They were completely open and receptive to input from the

government and government subject matter experts and key stakeholders, conducted extensive research to get acclimated with the VA culture and sought to understand the problem deeply and produce a more salient and cohesive solution to the problem based upon input from experts in industry and government. Team SoKat was always cordial, cooperative, collaborative, and coherent.Their enthusiasm and positivity are contagious and refreshing. They always come to meetings prepared, polished and professional and strive for perfection in all their work efforts and communications."

"The models produced by team SoKat are unlike any other in all of VA with its ability to be platform agnostic and capable of ingesting data from any source internal or external to VA and with great precision. Their extensive research efforts and incorporation of predictive analytic outcome reporting has improved the ability for VA Practitioners to assess more timely the likelihood of Veteran Suicide or indicators or crisis or self-harm."

"The theme of team SoKat is consistent, cogent and cohesive and with great professionalism, enthusiasm (they care deeply about the problem and Veterans) and their solutions are produced with emphasis on trustworthy and ethical use of AI innovation to produce resources VA is able to use timely and with great confidence and provides resources not seen prior, which aid in decision support and direct patient care with VA’s number one priority (Suicide)."

Dovel Technologies, 
ent of Health and

Human Services

"SoKat provided excellent expertise and incredible work ethic to help us meet is objectives under the GrantSolutions contract."


Sands Capital Management

"Jim and team were fantastic to work with on a very difficult R&D project. We would highly recommend them."

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