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AI & Education Training

The urgent priority of rapidly educating and training the U.S. government workforce in Artificial Intelligence in order to maintain our competitive advantage as a nation on the global stage is no longer in question. What does remain a question, however, is what is the optimal approach to achieve this critically urgent goal? The approach must be scalable, widely accessible, cost-efficient, highly effective, and most importantly, ready to deploy as of yesterday.

SoKat has positioned itself to be a powerhouse of AI education and training for the federal government with its deep bench of academic talent and content creators from The Johns Hopkins University, combined with our innovative technologies to optimize and democratize such education and training.



Jim Liew, as the Co-Chair of the ACT-IAC Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Committee, has authored a White Paper outlining a 3-stage plan to onboard every federal government employee into an AI educational program. The original AI Exam paper can be found here.

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