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Our Team

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Susan An, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Jim Kyung-Soo Liew

President, Founder

Professor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Johns Hopkins University


Dr. Tamas Budavari 

AI Scientific Advisor

Professor, Applied Math and Statistics

Johns Hopkins University


Dr. Brian Caffo

AI Scientific Advisor

Chief Data Scientist

Professor, Biostatistics

Johns Hopkins University


Dr. Jordon J. Green

Scientific Advisor

Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Director, Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Program

Johns Hopkins University

SoKat Interns of Today,
are Tech Leaders of Tommorow

We are investing in the future by teaching, mentoring and launching the next generation of
AI innovators and thought leaders 



"My experience at SoKat was incredible! I instantly felt welcomed by the team and had the privilege of working on an incredibly interesting, sci-fi-sounding project with other great interns. As my first industry experience, I was able to learn so much from the full-time developers, Jim, and my other interns. We were given a lot of responsibility, the support to step up to the challenge, and the opportunity to present our work to company executives and government partners. It was clear that Jim had a real, genuine interest in seeing all the interns succeed both in our position and afterwards, and was a great mentor to all of us. The experience piqued my interest in the world of technology and has led to me interning at both Google and Tesla as a software engineer."

Steven Solar,

Bioinformatics Scientist, National Institute of Health

Former Machine Learning Engineer Intern,

Johns Hopkins University


“Interning at SoKat was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a developing engineer. I learned how to be an accountable, critical thinking engineer with skills and experiences which I can carry with me throughout the rest of my career. But the highlight of the internship was getting to work with such an encouraging and dynamic team!”

Elizabeth Matthew,

Software Engineer, JHU Applied Physics Lab

Former Machine Learning Engineer Intern,

Johns Hopkins University

"SoKat was my first internship experience and 2 summers later it is still the most engaging, collaborative, and fun role I’ve had the chance to be a part of. As a young intern with little real work experience, Dr. Liew and the entire SoKat team were extremely welcoming and supportive of the summer interns. Their expectation wasn’t that we already knew how to solve all of the problems, but instead the team trusted us with the responsibility of being able to figure out those solutions for ourselves and gave regular guidance along the way. Throughout the summer I felt as if I was treated as a true member of the SoKat team. Every week we had presentations and discussions with the client executives, and we even presented our team’s final work to government officials in DC at the end of the summer. Working at SoKat taught me so many invaluable real world skills that haven’t been matched by any classroom or other work environment and overall gave me a great sense of confidence in my ability to work in a dynamic team to tackle complex problems."

Justin Sech,

Machine Learning Specialist at Avalo, Inc.

Former Machine Learning Engineer Intern,

Johns Hopkins University

“Working at Sokat was an amazing experience. The mentorship I received from Dr. Liew and rest of the team was extremely helpful in developing my technical and professional skills. Additionally, collaborating with my teammates to directly solve an actual problem our client faced was extremely rewarding.”

David Kaminsky

Analyst at J.P. Morgan

Former Machine Learning Engineer Intern,

Johns Hopkins University

"I really enjoyed my time working at SoKat! All the employees were so welcoming and excited to share their work and help with ours. It was great working with them and the other interns on our project. There was a lot of freedom with the direction we took our project in, but also plenty of support from both Jim and Matt. It was a memorable summer and I am so grateful to have had this experience."

Cherlin Zhu

Masters, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Johns Hopkins University

Former Machine Learning Engineer Intern,

Johns Hopkins University


Ready to learn, to build, to innovate?

Our past interns and team members hail from Johns Hopkins University, Princeton, Cornell, University of Chicago, Thomas Jefferson HS, etc. - and have gone on to Computer Science programs at Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Penn, U Michigan, JHU and careers at Meta, Goldmans Sachs, Amazon, Microsoft, and various technology and finance firms. 

If you're ready to lead in building the critical AI tools that will shape our future, contact:

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