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What We Do

Did you know your agency’s data could be one of your most valuable strategic assets, as a leader making decisions to better manage their agency’s risks? But how do you sort through a mountain of messy data to make it immediately usable, and therefore, valuable?

SoKat’s Risk Management as a Service technology uses AI tools to clean and sort your data and paint a clear picture on a real-time, user-friendly dashboard. We then leverage predictive ML algorithms to provide a risk score card for all the agency-prioritized risk factors.

Our solutions include:

  • Predictive ML models to detect waste, abuse and fraud

  • Integrating AI and ML tools into the DevSecOps process to identify legacy issues that were causing inefficiencies for developers

  • Performing data analytics in big data platforms

  • Continuously modernizing systems using a fully decoupled microservices architecture on AWS

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