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Data Science

SoKat is an optimal partner for your agency’s journey into using emerging technologies to support your agency’s mission, especially when you don’t know where and how to start this journey. Our team has deep experience with clients who have a tremendous amount of data and need a partner in helping them to understand how to extract value from their data. And that’s where we come in – ready and more than able to analyze all manner of data and deliver actionable insights. Specifically, for government agencies, we convert your data into customized-insights that enhance your ability to meet your mission objectives.


The client wanted to start using AI tools, for the first time, to effectively capture their qualitative ideas and put them into a quantitative model that can be used by investment managers and analysts.


Our team performed the initial data assessment and analysis to gauge the usability of the dataset, then custom-built models based on the data. The entire process, from data acquisition to model deployment, was fully automated. Agile SCRUM was used to deliver consistent, iterative improvements. In the end, we provided all network services, data/records management, testing, engineering, architecting, and both front and back-end development for the system.

Lessons Learned

The front-end interface is a critical component of helping client end-users to engage in a full and meaningful way with our AI models 

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