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$249M Blanket Purchase Agreement for JAIC’s
Artificial Intelligence Testing & Evaluation 

SoKat wins the Blanket Purchase Agreement award from the Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) to accelerate the delivery of AI capabilities.

January 2022, Woodstock, MD – SoKat has been awarded a spot on a five-year, $249 million Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) from the Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) Test & Evaluation (T&E) products and services. Through this BPA, SoKat is excited to provide new and innovative AI test tools, capabilities, and services that will enable the DoD to rapidly test and validate AI capabilities developed for DoD operations and missions. Furthermore, this BPA will strengthen and accelerate the DoD’s development of emerging technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing and human-machine interfaces, which are all areas in which SoKat is uniquely qualified to support, as the premiere research-focused, technologically-innovative, award-winning small business making waves in the federal government. Jane Pinelis, JAIC’s head of AI testing and evaluation, said the BPA’s focus on enterprise-level use will be a key factor in the Pentagon’s goal to scale the use of AI. Dana Deasy, Former DoD Chief Information Officer, sees the JAIC as the go-to place for all of the military’s AI needs.

SoKat’s CEO, Susan An said, “As a woman and minority-owned small business, SoKat is honored to have this opportunity to work closely with the JAIC in supporting their mission of accelerating the delivery and adoption of AI to achieve mission impact at scale. We are committed to building, testing and deploying the most advanced, scalable and ethical AI tools and services that will power the next generation of DoD technologies for the warfighter. The unique value we bring to the JAIC and DoD is 1) our academic powerhouse of talent, 2) our track record of continuous innovation and 3) our unwavering focus on ethical and responsible AI.”

The BPA will focus on the following emerging technology areas:
Task 1: AI T&E Solutions
Task 2: T&E Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services
Task 3: Other Technologies
Task 4: Alignment/Integration with the Joint Common Foundation (JCF)

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