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Actionable AI: New Insights and Risk Mitigation


AI can be used to derive new, valuable, and most importantly, actionable insights from data. Specifically, we use algorithms, or machine learning applications, to detect patterns in vast volumes of data and interpret their meaning. The new insights that are gleaned from this method of data analysis are different from traditional data analysis because the insights are more detailed and can grow in value over time, as the trained models get better at analyzing the data and making predictions.


$50 billion investment management fund wanted to use latest AI technologies to generate new stock ideas and replace manual idea generation method.


Our team designed an intuitive, user-friendly interface to access and easily digest investment summaries on a dashboard display of new stock ideas. The dashboard also displayed a portfolio of sector, industry and stock-trends. Our system full integrated a massive data set, comprising of 90,000 unique global securities. In building this AI solution, we performed signal processing, time-series forecasting and clustering on financial datasets. We also used state-of-the art regression and recurrent neural network models to perform short-term and long-term predictions, as well as extracted and analyzed sentiment from textual data using NLP techniques, in the users’ decision making.


  • Fully integrated global data, easy dashboard display of new ideas

  • Display portfolio of sector, industry and stock trends

  • Rapid back-testing engine

  • Easy-to-digest investment summaries

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