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"The power of AI to
benefit humanity is enormous,
as long as we ensure that
its capabilities
are used ethically and responsibly."

- Andrew Ng, Founder of Google Brain





This is SoKat AI.

In 2017, Dr. Jim Liew took a leap of faith that AI and Machine Learning could bring tremendous value to the federal government by providing leaders and decision-makers with actionable insights from their data, thus improving customer experience through dramatically increased efficiency and efficacy.

Since then, SoKat's talented team of academics and graduate students from Johns Hopkins University have built and deployed cutting-edge AI solutions that are

trusted by the federal government and world class companies, 

win awards for innovation, 

and deliver exceptional customer experience and satisfaction. 



Advance your agency’s mission by building, deploying and scaling with AI solutions, comprising of Intelligent Automation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and other emerging technologies.


Artificial Intelligence

Educate and train your entire agency workforce in Artificial Intelligence with innovative learning tools built by leaders in academia and industry, with decades of experience.

AI Education & Training


Protect and share your agency’s data with tools like smart contracts, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).



Start your path to the cloud and maintain momentum with cloud services that modernizes an agency’s strategies and tactics for the data science age.

Cloud & Infrastructure


Frustrated about how to use your agency’s data to further its mission? We can ingest, curate and analyze real-time streaming data and make it into a usable product for the end-user.


Data Science

Innovate with highly scalable enterprise solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Mobile Applications.

Mobile Applications

Use Cases

Use Cases


SoKat uses the most cutting-edge Natural Language Processing algorithms to ingest all varieties of data and pre-train the models for...


SoKat has successfully built and deployed Intelligent Automation to federal grants management In sifting through a massive amount of data using Machine Learning...


Sentiment Analysis is an area of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a powerful AI tool. Its potency when used in intelligent...


SoKat has worked on multiple projects where we used a subset of Natural Language Processing tools, called Optical Character Recogni...


SoKat understands how critical it is for federal agencies to prevent fraud as they perform their mis...


SoKat’s patent-pending chatbot can be used for healthcare, education, training or to enhance customer experience when interfacing with government age...


AI can be used to derive new, valuable, and most importantly, actionable insights from data. Specifically, we use algorithms...


Document intake and review is a critical task for most government agencies, especially when there is a high risk potential for improper...


SoKat provides customized AI education and training through workshop formats. The curriculum is based off of the original course curriculum taught by our team m...

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